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Rock-a-bye-Baby party supplies Rock-a-bye Baby is an enchanting baby range with hand drawn images of a rocking horse, teddy and a wooden building brick, giving the collection a nostalgic sentimental feel. 
Start your party planning with beautiful stationery and goody bag ideas, as well as matching table décor, favours and gifts.  

Scroll down to view some décor, menu and party game inspiration.

Rock-a-bye-Baby Sale Items[ HIDE/SHOW - CLICK TO TOGGLE ]

Rock-a-Bye Baby - Paper Cups (8) Rock-a-Bye Baby - Paper Cups (8)
Price R24.00
Rock-a-Bye Baby - Invitations (10) Rock-a-Bye Baby - Invitations (10)
Price R61.50
Rock-a-Bye Baby - Glass Decorations (10) Rock-a-Bye Baby - Glass Decorations ...
Price R28.50
Rock-a-Bye Baby - Cake Bunting Rock-a-Bye Baby - Cake Bunting
Price R54.00
Rock-a-Bye Baby - Cupcake Decoration Set Rock-a-Bye Baby - Cupcake Decoration...
Price R71.25
Rock-a-Bye Baby - Cupcake Wraps (10) Rock-a-Bye Baby - Cupcake Wraps (10)
Price R24.00
Rock-a-Bye Baby - Party Bags (5) Rock-a-Bye Baby - Party Bags (5)
Price R61.50

Add -ons for this party (normal priced items ) :[ HIDE/SHOW - CLICK TO TOGGLE ]

Eco Kraft Party Box (10) Eco Kraft Party Box (10)
Price R24.00
Eco White Dotted Kraft Party Box (10) Eco White Dotted Kraft Party Box (10...
Price R34.00
Kraft Plain Cups (10) Kraft Plain Cups (10)
Price R20.00
Kraft Plain Lunch Plates (10) Kraft Plain Lunch Plates (10)
Price R40.00
Kraft Plain Square Lunch Plates (10) Kraft Plain Square Lunch Plates (10)
Price R48.00
Pastel Blue Party Box (10) Pastel Blue Party Box (10)
Price R35.00
Pastel Blue dotted Party Box (10) Pastel Blue dotted Party Box (10)
Price R34.00
Pastel Blue Dotted Balloons (5) Pastel Blue Dotted Balloons (5)
Price R32.00
Pastel Yellow Balloons (5) Pastel Yellow Balloons (5)
Price R17.00

Want the look?

Easy treats to accompany any taste

Finger Foods

Finger snacks you can serve at a baby shower:
  • Chicken strips or nuggets with a dip 
  • Meatballs
  • Mini pies
  • Mini pizzas
  • Mini quiches
  • Mini savoury pancakes
  • Assorted mini tarts
  • Sweets to match the baby shower theme like dummy shaped candy.
Fruit Kebabs
Fruit can make an attractive finger food for a baby shower. Make fruit kebabs by arranging a variety of fruit on a short wooden skewer. Use strawberries, pineapple, melon balls, mango piece, apples, grapes or any fruit you desire to use. Serve with a delicious yoghurt dip.

Get creative with the cake, especially if you know the baby's gender. Use pink or blue icing and decorate your cake with our beautiful Rock-a-Bye baby cake bunting.

For the cutest cupcakes, wrap them in the Rock-a-Bye Baby cupcake wraps and decorate them with the Rock-a-Bye Baby cupcake decoration kit

Mocktails are a more modern approach to serving non-alcoholic beverages at the baby shower. Mocktails look the same as cocktails and typically taste very similar, minus the alcohol. For pink-colored mocktails, try a strawberry lemonade daiquiri, adding equal amounts of lemonade or sprite and fresh strawberries in a blender. Fill the blender the rest of the way with crushed ice and blend until smooth. Serve it with our party straws.

Serving Glasses
Serve mocktails in the appropriate glasses for the regular cocktails. This makes everyone feel like they are enjoying a sophisticated, adult drink. Another idea for drinks that are not pink or blue is to serve them in coloured pink and blue glasses. 

Visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration


Fun decorating ideas for your Rock-a-Bye Baby Shower

  • Hang pacifiers and teething rings, along with tiny baby bottles or consider decorating the tree with colourful baby booties. 

Baby-Inspired Tree
Enhance the baby shower space with a small, decorative tree to signify new life. You can use a mini Christmas tree. Depending on how large the party space is, decorate more than one tree. Wrap miniature blue, pink or white fairy lights around the tree, which will give the room a soft glow. 

Bottle Decor
For simple and charming table decor, use real baby bottles and assorted sweets. Set a baby bottle decoration by each guest's place setting and instruct them to take the items home as favours. Fill clear baby bottles with bright coloured sweets like Dummy shaped candy, Jelly Babies, Jelly Tots, Astros and Smarties